Adviser Title

Chen, Yu-Ming

Liao , Ching- Chih

Top Ten Taiwainese Family Coat of Arms of Dynamic Identity System Design

Chen, Yu-Lin Feng, Chen-Chih The Design and Research of OpenType Traditional Chinese Universal Fonts Recognition Features
Chia, Yun-Line Liao , Ching- Chih Taiwanese Organic Tea Brand Idenity System and Packaging Visual Design- A Case Study of DABIAO
Chen,Pin-Ching Fang, Ching- Jung A Study of the Local Culture transform into Visual Codes Applying in Event Identity Design:The Case Studies of 2019-2021 Taiwan Design Expo
Lin,Han-Yun Fang, Ching- Jung Research on the application of infographics to Taiwan tea industry -Muzha Tieguanyin Tea as an example
Du, Bai-Hui Yu, Shu-Yin Exploring Visual Perception Distortion of Picture Book: Take Alice in Wonderland Syndrome for Example
He, Qian-Heng Cho, Chan-Cheng Research of the characteristics of Taiwan's regional iron window gratings applied to cultural and creative products